Manifesto for Essex It all began with a question.

Manifesto for Essex began at the Essex Book Festival in 2020. It is a response to festival director Ros Green’s question: what is the most pressing issue of the day and who will be most affected by it?

That year M4E became a multi-form creative platform for young people living in Essex and beyond to express their ideas about tackling climate change. After multiple events, on and offline, the M4E zine was created by Lu Williams as a statement of intentions to do better for our environment.

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Manifesto for Essex Let your voice be heard.

This year, with the Essex Book Festival's theme of The Great Flood in mind, our projects include: a photography exhibition with Harlow College; writing eco-poetry in Essex primary schools to be performed and displayed in Harwich Museum; learning how to eco-podcast on the LV18 lightship; and Hattie Phillips is leading an event, Myself, Others and the Land, as part of the Radical Pilgrimage, in Chelmsford.

This site is a place for us to connect and share our ideas, events and voices in our on-going campaign for a brighter future.

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